My social work in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir has been divided into 3 phases:
1. Oct. to Dec. (2 months)
Assistant at St. Joseph's Hospital
2. Jan. to Mar. (2 months)
School AIDS Awareness Program
3. Mar. to Jul. (6 months)
Organizing 9 rural medical camps.

Other experiences while doing social work:
Delhi: 2 weeks in Delhi
Jammu: 8 months in Jammu Province
Kashmir: 1 month in Kashmir Province

Why did you go to India, and why J&K?
Where is J&K, and where were you working?
What is the healthcare situation in J&K?
Why did you conduct the medical camps?
What is Kashmir situation between Indian and Pakistan on J&K?
What about the militancy in J&K?
What about human rights in J&K?

January 09, 2009

Since October 2003, I have done social work in the north Indian state of  Jammu & Kashmir.  Unfortunately, the most important experiences were often too subtle and complex for me to convey through a website.  This site contains >>500 photographs, whose highlights have been condensed into 5, strongly recommended Flash slideshows.  Please enjoy the site!

Paul La Porte  -

Flash Slideshows: Requires Flash Player 7.0
Delhi Slideshow Low: 1.8MB   High: 5.1MB
Jammu Slideshow   Low: 2.1MB   High:  6.3MB
Kashmir Slideshow Low: 2.3MB   High: 5.5MB
India '05 Slideshow Low: 1.4MB   High: 6.1MB
India '06 Slideshow Low: 5.6MB   High: 12.7MB
India '08 Slideshow Low: 5.4MB   High: 10.5MB

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